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Hi guys,
AMAZON is hiring. You can find lots of open positions on their website.
The bar is very high but I'm more than convinced that in this forum there's plenty of people who could do it.
I can present internally your CV and keep you updated on how it progresses.
Required skills for "network engineers" are always the same: TCP, BGP, OSPF, MPLS but at a deep level of knowledge.
If you're interested, you can contact me in private for an assessment and more details. I won't tell you questions and answers, that's clear, but I could illustrate you the required levels to have a successful interview. And I won't ask you money or favours other than being your referrer.

Hey,ive just graduated and am looking for a job.Can somebody tell me that what do employers look for and why are they in a dilemma lately?

I am currently in the last semester of B.Tech. I am looking for different career options after graduation. Is big data analytics a good career option ?

Hi. I have keen interest in HR field. I was wondering if anyone from you could tell me that how do HRs these days shortlist CV. What is their criteria of a good CV? Please share your views.Thank You!

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Information and Technology (OIT) Enterprise Network Services Branch (ENSB) provides management services and oversight of the CBP infrastructure to protect, defend and restore the confidentiality, integrity and availability of CBP mission essential data communications and applications. ENSB ensures a standardized, high performance, and secure enterprise network architecture for the CBP enterprise that seamlessly integrates existing and emerging technologies.
Clearance Level: A current Customs Border



Can someone recommend any good book for "Firewalls" ?

There are some around but most of them are written ages ago.


Regards !



I need the interview question for 5 to 7 year experience in Windows and Network.

I have around 12 years of IT experience and have been working for very large multinational for the last 9 years. I Joined there as middle level engineer and gained skills/Experience and moved up the roles over the course of my time. However over the last couple of years  re-org within the company means that they moved from technology based teams to process based teams which means that the work I used to/enjoyed to do is split over number of teams and I found myself doing more and more documentation or process based work. I now feel like that my growth has stopped as I am not learning any new technical skills or doing much hands on.


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I will be asked to attend a second interview on short notice and have to present a 7 slide powerpoint on the following subjects:


Outline what you consider are the key elements of an IT strategy for an organisation such as

how you would deliver it, and how and when its success and effectiveness should be measured.



if anyone out there as any idea on where to start and could give me some tips it would be really appreciated!! Mucho Love




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Better than for IT jobs...

Hi ladz, i recently buy some cv's and i upload the samples for you guys as well. hope it will help you to prepare ur cvz.


Funny Story,

I work as a level one tech support engineer in a fortune 500 company. I have my MCSA and I have a Bacherlors in Computer Science and a MAsters in Computer Science. I just started working for this company about a year ago.

My managers seem to always hire people from outside the company and rarely hiring people from within their departments. A month ago they hired a woman; let's say her name is Janet. This was not her real name but i am changing it for those purposes. Anyway Janet had gone through a regular interview and was also given a "technical interview". We will talk about that little bit later.

Janet was hired on the spot because of her resume and her experience. My managers were in AWE with her resume and hired her

i booked for a telephone interview on the next week at Cisco Recruitment (A-NCE Programme)
im a little confused about the phone interview,

they send me a little notes about what i expected to asked
"The interviewer will look at your motivations in applying for our A-NCE
roles and your educational and working background."

the main problem is what language should i expect from the interviewer (English or my local Arabic) ???
is there anyone take this interview before or anyone know more details about it !!

plz help im waiting for your suggestions and your notes!!!


Waqas Ahmad [from Lahore, Pakistan] , CCIE #27815 is the world's youngest CCIE [Routing and Switching] , He has passed his Lab in december 2010 at the age of 19.

Hello all...

I have decided to move to india for a period of 6 to 8 months to get intensive Cisco training... It is cheaper there and resources are available.

But i am wondering which city is the best? Anyone here can help me... I know Sadikhov has a huge number of indian members.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

yes i mean it as mentioned in the topic description
this is my cv that cost 500$ exactly ( the reason to pay tht amount is i dont have alot of calls regarding my cv although i have alot of certs and nice experience ) i let ( number 1 recruitment do my cv and i found the difference )
in 3 days i had 200 views and 18 calls for different positions and everything is related to microsoft and cisco fields
just what you need to do is to copy this CV and paste it in word with changing the basic info to the info the reflects you and yolla ;)

ok lets start :
PS : i removed from the CV my email and telephone numbers only


Somebody has uploaded this file to FTP and I decided to attach it here as a useful resource. It contains many many links to job sites from all over the world.
Dated: November 2003

HTML version is here: [url=""][/url]

Hi all, I've noticed a lot of discussion in this forum about vendor-specific certifications. So what do you think about the benefits of taking a Masters degree in IT (in terms of career advancement)? I'm doing my Masters of IT and I'm working full-time at the same time, and I think it's great as well. In my opinion, vendor-specific certifications can help you find a job quicker, but in the long run, Postgraduate study will help you stand out and increase your chances of getting promotion and moving to management level. Anyone wants to share their thoughts/experience with me about this topic?

I passed my CCIE 25 days back. I had studied hard by leaving my Job & completely dedicating myself to it for 5 freaking months.
Today when Im searching for a Job all recruiters are offering me pittance saying that there are alot of CCIE's in with us working at these low amounts. What the F*&K man!!
I'm so pissed off right now I really don't know what the F*&k to do.

The ABC’s of a Successful Selling Career
Begins with the ability to handle failure and rejection.
Total fulfillment in all areas: financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
Act it and you become it.
Desire without discipline leads to disappointment, disillusionment, and depression.
En Theos = God within IASM — I am sold myself.
Anything is feasible if you are always flexible.
Short-term and long-term — must be believable and worth committing to.
To get rich and sick is stupid.
Be trustworthy so people will like you, trust you, and want to listen to you.
for today Live in the present moment. Burn the past. Don’t worry about the future.
is power when properly applied.
is like medicine to the bones.— Proverbs
Allow yourself to be mentored and mentor others.
With every new person you meet, you expand your potential client base.
Pay fast attention to details.
Growth occurs when you find you can’t go on, but know you can’t quit.
If I say it, they tend to doubt it. If they say it, it’s true.
Begin with rapport. Develop respect and give more service than your clients expect and they will give you more referrals.
The continuous journey toward the achievement of pre-determined, worthwhile goals.
planning I must do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.
The first step that creates empathy and builds a long-term relationship.
The words we use create thoughts and feelings that result in actions.
Combine PLAY and WORK and you’ll fall in love with PLORK.
Find more creative ways to give thanks and recognition to your clients.
Overcome procrastination by living by these three words: DO IT NOW.
in with Zeal Stay focused. Keep yourself in a positive shell and unleash the Champion within you.
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